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Unhide Your NFT 

Kitty - Globe - Fade (1).gif

We Are Giving You 1000 KATS Coins Because Are A Holder Of Our 1st NFT Collection! 

We are GIVING AWAY 1000 KATS coins to anyone who goes through our learning process on "How to Buy SmartChain BNB" - that's all.


Now that you have a crypto wallet and a commemorative KittyKatCoin NFT, we want to teach you how to buy and sell crypto. BNB is a "blue chip” cryptocurrency equivalent to owning Google, Amazon, or Tesla. 


By completing our process to buy $50 or more in BNB, we will send you 1000 KATS Coins - FREE! You'll learn how to purchase crypto and we'll reward you with Free KATS Coins. 



Fun Fact: If you would have invested $150 of BNB in the beginning of 2019, you could have cashed out $12,505 in January of 2022. A $1500 investment would have yielded $125,050!

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